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The West Virginia
Film Gateway

There's a scene of bad-ass filmmakers in the state of West Virginia. You should know about them, and we're determined

to share them with you. 

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VandaliaTV is a gateway into the growing West Virginia film scene. Filmmakers from all over the state have shared projects on this platform with one goal: to get you to watch more local film. The arts scene is West Virginia is a beacon for the state. We want indie film to take its rightful place next to the music, visual arts, and storytelling West Virginia is known for. While there are a slew of extremely talented creators living here, there are limited resources that exclusively highlight the work they are doing. The site was founded in 2019 by Huntington-born writer-director Nate Cesco. After attending packed screenings for film sprints, web series, and indie features, Nate realized there was an audience willing to support indie film if they just had the means to access it regularly. 

The entire focus of the site is for you to watch WV film and to connect people who like film (everybody) and the people nearby who make it. VandaliaTV showcases film in a way people are familiar with: a streaming service. Community support has come from other filmmakers that offer their talent, insight, and art to build a website that does just that.

The site continues to grow both in content and scope, offering new films and new ways to watch. We want filmmakers to know that they don't have to go far away to find an audience to support them, and we want audiences to know that there are ridiculously cool and talented creators they should be watching right here in the Mountain State. 

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