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Welcome to VandaliaTV

Hey! Thank you for checking out VandaliaTV!

Essentially, VandaliaTV is a pseudo-streaming service that shares some of the most interesting films I could find from West Virginia. All the projects on it are from creators who live in or are from the Mountain State. I'm hoping this site will have the chance to promote and share their past work and link you to their new projects. There will also be new short films, web series, features, and other projects coming soon after submissions start coming in on FilmFreeway.

This site is aimed at people in West Virginia who SHOULD KNOW about the incredible film work happening near them. I want people to realize a community of creators from their state are striving to create original film content. Hopefully VandaliaTV can be a means for people to find creators they should support, and for filmmakers from all over the state to get their work in front of new people.

I'm always really excited to see what people are working on here. From features to web series, the variety of films from different groups is astounding. I'm hoping to find even more and help new people realize that making film within their own state is a totally approachable endeavor.

On top of the films streaming here, the site will also have original content about making film in West Virginia. We have interviews with creative people from every level of production. In front of the camera and behind. There will also be community blog posts from filmmakers in the state, sharing advice and experiences trying to make films with the resources around them.

My goal is to accomplish 2 things: connect people with the films around them, and encourage anyone whose ever considered filmmaking to take part.

Enjoy the site. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out on any social platforms or via email:

Thank you!

-Nate Cesco | @natecesco


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